The devil may put trials in front  of you but it is your choice to follow or lead. Your third eye shows you ways to the world and the demonic sence to some holy pastures. Are you perfect? Are you really you? Is your name really Sue? Work for what? The government are the real hustlers from what I hear. Knowledge is common and what we have common is gain. We grow. Kepp learning. We die, we have learned. But honestly what did we really learn? How to con pthers? Scheming? We develope a knowledge that cant help others but to only help ourselves. Take from the young so that we can put outselves on your backs. We have devgeloped a third eye. Not for the help. Not for the discipline. Only to see problems and to fix the problem. Nothing is made to potential it has and is given. I am Christian. I believe in God, Jesus Christ our Father. But do I belive that evidence from the bible written for unholy eyes to read is true? Am I suppose to believe in you? I am ment to believe that the bible was written in Jewish language and translated over like Rosetta Stone. Speak the language that is felt needs the most salvation. Speak the knowledge others in your time have written and further develope. See what was given to you from birth to believe what was said in the bible. All of these people are the ones who have written stories which make up the bible. I shall gather a few close ones. put together a story, and dub it a magical creature laying in the preists hands. Make it a major in college. Study possible false facts that other flawed humans may have "fallen upon". Criticize me for my action but I will not apologize for my common.


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