Pink eye shadow was not the only thing that laid heavy on my eyelids

At 8 years old the distorted image of myself did


At 9 shiny lip gloss adorned my small mouth

It said more about me then I ever could , a symbol of doubt

At 10 under my lower eye lid dark liner thrived

This was my attempt to keep my insecurities disguised


At 11 I asked Santa to look like a Barbie

I wanted so badly to mimic her body

At 12 I unwound my curls and punished them with 355 degrees

I wanted straight hair you know, like the girls from MTV


Online profiles held more importance then books

I stopped reading and began habits , that were overlooked

My growing interest in my appearance was considered a coming of age

This transformation was celebrated, but was this really a wonderful change?


At 13 I found myself caked with pale foundation

Because The T.V screen told me that my skin tone lacked decoration

At 14 I bleached my hair from natural brown to a yellow brass

I believe beauty could be bought from a box at CVS


At 15 I  began to count calories and run miles

 but my efforts fell flat, I could not escape denial

At 16 I was still unhappy with who I saw

Make up and new clothes did not erase my flaws


At 17 I'm proud to say Instagram filters hold no weight,

In value of beauty encased with me today

I outgrew the need to flaunt

The similarities between models and their walks

With the way I would strut around my own house


I found beauty in myself , natural and proud

The media showered storms of unwelcomed clouds

But I rose above and am here to admit

All girls are flawless in their



and wit.


And a reminder to all young females

You are gorgeous , Flawless and loud

Speak your mind, do not let anyone bring you down

Whether it be

Friends or Foes,

The media ,Parents,

T.V shows.


Confidence is an aspect you should enhance

Not your breasts or the size of your pants

Admire the person inside yourself

Beauty is brewed from the inside and will easily shine its way out.







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