Coming To Life


When I look in one's eye, they already know, who i am today is what I’ve come to show. Getting on that stage, I have no regrets, it’s just a song that puts us all at best. A song coming to life has more depth than reality. You need to just be able to see. There is more to life than what we actually see. It is what we all want to know, and what we all want to be. Writing is an escape from reality in ways no one can explain. We all have happiness in the day, and night we relive the pain. It doesn't take much to realize who we are in spite. This is how a song comes to life. Write down how you feel when no one is watching. It can be relatable and as random as we want. Picking up a pen and pencil is as symbolic as one can get to write a song. Without those items, nothing is carried along. Coming from a small town, nobody really can relate to knowing everyone's business in a way that is almost a shame to people getting to know people in a bigger city. An idea and a place to escape is all you need to carry in the mind. When writing, no one can disturb you. The only one that can wake you from what you are imagining is you, and only you. It doesn't matter if you are alone all of the time. It is what you pick to do. Don't make it a lie to lie to yourself that being in big groups that you don't belong in is truly for you. A song can't be created in that way. Pick up an instrument and learn to play. It could bring a song to life one day. Create a picture that can be displayed for everyone to see. Don't create a passionless skit that doesn't embody who you are. Wishing on a star never helped anyone. Songs create a message for everyone to see and feel. It creates what we all know as the "real" world. Being on stage creates a different you, a you that is confident and strong because you found something inside of you. It is very true. No doubt. No fear. Just go on stage and disappear into the song. It is the feeling of being higher than a kite because you know it is a burning passion to chase a dream to make it reality. Never stop because fear is what the major entity is. A song coming to life stops all of what we used to be into coming something that we want to be. A dream in a song to make everyone listen to. For everyone to sing along to a masterpiece created before everyone’s eye and that is how a song comes to life.


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