The Coming Freeze

Her skin so pale Chalk white Even as dawn breaks of the Horizon. Her tricolour eyes watch Grafather sun rise Wet sorrow melts the colours together. Mother Earth is Dying Preparing for the Freeze She holds tight to a tree, not ready to lose the colours. Her lips turned purple, so long ago The cold burns her skin But the Musik of Nature warms her Inside. Each cloud is soft secret Together in Father Sky Make a story, Like her scars. She walks along the waters' edge Gazing at GRandmother Moon Wishing she could be a far-away star. Wind whips her hair wildly Whispering sweet nothings in her ears A dead smile on her face, She keeps walking. The Deities cry as she enters the forest She crys because it is only a Graveyard Of was it had once been, Like her. The Deities' hearts freeze As does Mother Earth and her spawns She has been cold for some time. We all await Spring For revival of Love, Life, and Joy But Spring revives nothing in HEr. Her eyes are so dull Her body numb Her souls been decaying since Birth. Can the Deities save Her? Can the Elements revive Her? Can He bring her back to Life once more?


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