Comfort Food

I wished that I liked oatmeal

for more than just its comforting aroma

because it appears to be perfect

for winter mornings.


Winter mornings,

bleak and barren, waking up in your

old olive green sweater with holes

scattered here and there.


Winter mornings,

white sky and cold white sun

reflecting off the freshly fallen snow.

Winter mornings, open curtains,

letting white light leak in past naked branches.


Shuffle to the kitchen in raggedy slippers.

Open up the fridge, grab a jug of OJ,

Pour some sunshine, prepare some oatmeal

for your starving, sleepy self.


You, starving and sleepy, on the dirty couch.

Curled up with the oatmeal, inhaling its sweetness.

Sipping your sunshine, watching the mornings news.

Snow, shootings, more snow, school closings.


I wished that I liked oatmeal

because when it's frigid and friendless out there,

there is always a bowl of oatmeal

to warm your soul on winter mornings.


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