Come together, right now- over me.


United States
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Negro, dark skinned or black.
They know not my name, they don't know jack.
Basing their opinions on me,
Off of solely my color scheme.
It is unfair, it isn't right.
But who am I, to pick a fight?
I feel alone, though I am not.
Civil Rights are being fought.
"We shall overcome”, is being sung.
Now the group grows, both old and young.
Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat.
She is courageous and takes the heat.
A domino effect takes place.
President Kennedy joins the equality race.

In sixty three a famous speech is spoken,
Helping us gain strength, we are no longer broken.
“I have a dream” MLK shouts.
And since that day, there has been a drought,
For we have not shed a tear,
We live no longer in fear.
And as we go about our lives today,
Always remember those from back in the day.
We are equal and we are free,
We are more than happy, can’t you see?

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