All my life, everything was Gray

My mind plagued in endless dismay

Everything I knew has tried to kill me

Swarming around, stinging like a killer bee

Attempting to throw me in the loony bin

But everything changed...when I let her in...

Things began to look brighter

Dark and Light igniting like a fire

Blinding my eyes

The demon inside dies

As the COLOURS come to life

Red is loving

Orange is radiating

Yellow is shining

Green is satisfying

Blue is soothing

Indigo is crying

Violet is inviting

I swear every time I see her

My heart is red

And when I see her smiling

Her beauty is orange

All the times we talk

My day is looking more yellow

Her laugh

Leaves me feeling green

Her voice

Making me feel blue

And when she makes me smile

Making my eyes go indigo

And I know when I see her in person

Her outstretched arms will be violet

It’s hard to believe that I have her

So hard to comprehend that we will be forever

Heart is skipping

Smile is appearing

Tears are falling

Mind is racing

This is it

It is love

What it truly is

Presents itself right in front of me

Every day is a step

Every second

Every minute

Of every day

Is worth it

She is worth the wait and more

I swear, I will kick in the door

If she falls to the floor

I’ll pick her up while I’m burning at the core!


Even though there are still moments where everything is Grey

But anything with her makes me see

The COLOURS everywhere

Red is bright

Orange is sweet

Yellow is warm

Green is comfort

Blue is lovely

Indigo is calm

Violet is hope

The whole world is so bright now

If anybody will try to steal her, I will not allow

In this moment as the COLOURS swarm around me

I’m loving this moment as she loves me

My heart is racing so fast

Because forever this endless moment will last

A pause in time

Mountains I’ll climb

Fighting past the grime

But here I am, making another rhyme

I still can’t believe what me and her have

Even though our contact is split in half

I can’t wait for the day I meet her

And I’ll hold her in my arms and tell her I love her

I’ll tell it to the world that we’ll be forever

I’ll carry her to live in our world together

This love I feel for her is impossible to measure


I’m so happy to see these COLOURS

For they are unlike any others

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