Colorful Lives

When you are born; you’re new

New like a crisp clean canvas

Just waiting for color of the life that you’ll live

Some of it may be red, some of it blue

It waits for events by only you

Sometimes the creator of the artist

Isn’t always the best teacher

Though they may feel as such

So the canvas can be splattered with anxiety or hatred

Choices, good or bad affect the stains left there

Take up the brush or throw it to the side

And go right ahead with your hands

At times you may feel your painting is ugly

And it may never be good enough

But with a little time and work

It can be the most beautiful piece

Giving up will only ruin the chance

If it willingly stops early, there will be nothing

 Nothing but a very large black or red blotch

Covering all that hard work

If the artist lives in their work peacefully

Then at the end, there could be

A beautifully unique made exhibit

Help your fellow artists out

To make their work shine

Because you are a work of art



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