Color Mute


Color Mute

I didn't know color had a mother until my heart bleed.

I didn't know that the ehips and the chains had a father till my tears shed.


Broken lips spitten out book tips

Every black and white page gives my eyesight

visible light prints

Lincoln to the lynching

Burn they flesh but the fire rose inside of an inner soul being 

To the chains

and names of a supposed race healing

cleansing just to cover up they demons from realising

While the brown skin takes a three minute beating 


Now tell me that seeeing isn't believeing 

Be lieing 

alive sins the time period of the Cotton King Men 

Not even

a black crow could fly away another soul

as it falls into a home of a man named the Jim Codes

Prison and Cuff 

the young and impresionable minds of the children

That's Why

the grands left our generation in some need of some image toren healing

Brightest to the Darkest 

were ALL torn 

in one quick breathen

Just as

quick as when my ink splits on the weekend a writer's wall tension

Walls Pension

the blood stains on there back as I fall into an inhumane demension.

 Black Slaves in the Days 


African American History in yall's description

Having a program just to program you on my education lessons

Cut hands, thick fields in a green maze

put my ancestors in daze phaze 

7hrs, 1 month 

but i'll teach you 

in a 




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