Color, Body, Shape, and Size

Color, body, shape, and size

That's all our eyes see today, we just don't realize

The pain that we cause when we all stare

At the way someone dresses or how they do their hair

What makes you think you can come look at me

And tell me things I already see?

I know I'm curvy, I know I'm thick

But hey, I'd rather be this than a stick

I'm not saying being skinny is bad

I'm just saying that I'm okay with the body I have

It took a long time to get to this point though, I didn't wake up one day and say

Hey, I think you're beautiful

No, something like self-love, is a process

It might even take years for someone to accomplish

I still don't love myself the way you really should

But I've at least come to accept myself in a way I never thought I could


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