Color Blind

  • Color blind
  • Living life
    Tryna find
    Fighting wars
    Bleeding red
    Under the shimmering sea
    My brother
    In black
    In white
    My brother
    Look at us
    We color blind
    All we see 
    Is black and white
    What happened
    To integrity?
    What happened 
    To America?
    Why are we color blind?
    We all the same
    Breathe the same
    But we can’t see the same
    No man
    We’re too busy
    Fighting and running
    From the truth
    The truth that sets us free
    We blame each other
    For our pain
    We have no heart
    No brain 
    But we have eyes
    And ears 
    We see the streets
    And we’re quick to blame
    Our neighbor, a stranger 
    But no not our family, not our friend
    We branded America
    We gave it a bad name
    America is color blind
    And we’re to blame
    It's time America
    To stop being color blind
    Life ain't black and white
    So why we tryna make it?
    We all live in fear
    But not for each other 
    But for ourselves 
    Too afraid to stop and think 
    Maybe we are the same
    But we aren't different 
    But here we are 
    Not united
    Not the way we're supposed to be 
    We fighting each other
    Drawing a line in the streets
    I ain't black
    I ain't white
    I'm human 
    An American 
    One with a dream 
    It's time to stop
    The blame 
    This game is over
    When we stop
    Bringing fame 
    On a name 
    Because of the color
    But we're all the same
    Color blind
    Running from the truth
    Saying that we don't feel the pain
    We're living a nightmare
    And not a dream
    Not the American one
    No, we forgotten who we are
    We're the great
    We're the free
    We're the brave
    We're all brothers
    And we're all sisters
    And we're all color blind 
    Stop the blame
    Stop the hate
    Stop the pain
    It all needs to stop
    The rage, the anger
    It ain't healthy
    It's knocking us down
    Further and further away
    To the point where
    We can't see the color
    Just black and white
    And we're stuck
    It's time to start the climb
    To love each other 
    We're all here together 
    Breathing together 
    Living life
    Life's supposed to be great
    To be fun
    Not dull
    Not in black and white
    Wake up America 
    We're color blind
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