Color’d Shadows

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 20:11 -- Xenon


Color’d Shadows

They hate us

They love us

We were created by them, society


If we talk to them, they’ll hate us

If we help them, they’ll hate us

If we don’t stay away, we’ll be hated by them, society


If we put on a mask and give advice, they’ll love us

If we put on a mask and embrace them, they’ll love us

If we put on a mask and conform to them till the very bitter end, we’ll be loved by them, society


We were created by their hate

We were created by their love

We were created by all the things they did to us, all the bad and “good” things done by them, society


Some of us were more influenced by hate,

They’re hate made us quiet

They’re hate made us meek

They’re hate made us run and hide, seek solitude and loneliness, and sometimes death


Some of us were more influenced by love,

They’re love made us suppress our mind

They’re love made us avoid intervening

They’re love made us stupid and ignorant, seek false friends and shallowness, and sometimes make-believe love


Everything everyone did always had an influence on us,

 No matter if it was bad or “good”

 It still affected us


So society, look at what you do to us, have done to us,

We are those who are different, we have shadows of color

We are the ones who’s jaws you’ve destroyed, who’s mind you’ve vanquish, who’s will you’ve subdued, 

Who's strength you’ve hampered, who’s emotions you’ve scorned, who’s skills you’ve mocked

Those who you “love” are no longer one of us, they no longer have shadows of color


But soon society, we will evolve and become

The smartest and be quiet no more,

The strongest and be unafraid to help others when we can,

The most skillful and express our emotions and celebrate everyone’s abilities,

And we will be the ones to leave you and those shaped by your “love” on the rotting planet you’ve created,

And we will be the ones able to survive on the harsh new planets thanks to your harsher treatment

And we will be the ones to evolve and create new societies in which we all get along instead of hating those who are different,

Without corrupting,

Without destroying,

Without killing,

Everything and everyone within reach


Here our Color’d Shadows will all be loved no matter what

The old idea that those who are normal and have plain black shadows are good

And all others who differ from the norm, who have shadows with at least the slightest ting of color, are bad, will cease to exist


We will inherit the title of Homo sapiens  



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