The college life

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 12:31 -- DesGres

I always heard that college would be fun but at the blink of an eye I see my life come undone. It may only be the first semester but here I am alone, intimidated and scared. So if one more professor misunderstands me I'll scream. And all people see when they look at me is 'mean'. I'm so tired and sick of playing this game of the new commuter, trying to please, and find my crowd all at once. And I'm always sitting alone, if I can afford to eat, at lunch. It wasn't easy making friends then what's the difference now? I was invisible then and I am invisible now. I have bills upon bills, work upon work, as a commuter without a liscence all the stress just build until... ...boom... I am done I am done. Dropping out and working at BK won't be fun, but what other choice do I have when work comes before playand I can't even afford school to get away?


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