College Kid

We're chilling on the first day of classes.

Checking out the local asses and making passes.

A week ago, we was in the neighborhood,

being a hood rat was all we understood.


Sneaking 40 proof to my internship

and I showed up high to my midterm, sh**!

Maybe this college life ain't for me.

Getting all up in a fuss about a f***ing B.


It seems to me that we all like robots.

Take us apart and you can see what we don't got

It's all about our priorities

About making it for our communities


A homey finna get paid,

business school apps after I get laid.

Kick her to the curb, while we swervin'

on the sidewalk, drinking bourban.


Yo, I might be a little messed up,

but why is you all dressed up?

You leaving us behind 

so you can cut the line 

as we lose our minds. 


Remember your roots.

Herein lies the truths.









i must say i could feel the emotion you were puting off... beautiful 


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