Cold Machine

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 08:44 -- sthw26


United States
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In the mirror,
She can see,
A thousand flaws,
A million mistakes,
A few things right,
She seems so sweet,
Her heart is cold,
Her mind is weak,
She has a curse,
Behind her pastel skin,
A voice that taps her on the shoulder,
A voice that starves her,
Literally starves her,
Of more than food,
Of pride,
Of friends,
Of joy,
That makes her isolate herself,
That tells her they’re all liars,
Are they?
Do they lie?
When she stands on the demon,
A number,
A scar,
A sinking heart,
A pounding pulse,
A sinking girl,
Left alone,
With a voice,
A voice set out to kill,
To kill an innocent girl.



Wow, it's amazing to see how many people feel this way. I just wrote a poem with the same theme. It kind of sucks knowing I'm not alone, because that means there are so many others out there in pain.


Thank youu! And yes, I know exactly how you feel.

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