Cold Coffee

My best friend Courtney..

She was always around-

Kept everyone else happy

I never guessed she was down


Her death covered our school

In tears, sadness, and more

A newly broken family-

That everyone adored


Her loss was hard to handle

Like learning how to walk

Except it was knowledge I didn’t have

It was too difficult, I couldn’t even talk


I made promise to hangout

“We’ll grab coffee next week”

The coffee became cold

Everything seemed so bleak


My parents yelling became noise

My teachers teaching became lame

All the time-I just wanted to be home

And think about that beautiful dame


Now I know I’m an adult

Because I learned to walk all over again…

I figured it out-

It’s important to talk


Get it out,

All of it,

Everything running through your head

Then the bleakness in your world will turn to shreds


A difficult process

I assure you

But it is possible



Graduation is creeping up on me

And sometimes the clouds return

I want her to walk with me across the stage

But I have to keep in mind there’s so much more


I know… I’m an adult now

Keeping my head up is the only way to go


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