The Cold Blooded Drinker

With velvet skin as white as snow

Give her that red stuff and watch her glow

The seven dwarfs are there to help

Cause the slightest sun ray makes her skin melt. 


The animals help to search and find

A worthy prey before dinner time 

She sets her trap and faints with ease

And in comes the prince with his noble steed. 


With skin like ice and her heartbeat still

He's sure the princess has fallen ill!

Now everyone thinks this is the witches doing

But Miss Snow White has something else brewing. 


Has no one ever wonder how she keeps so fit 

Or how she can still be a size 6? 

It's clear by now her secrets out 

There's no trace of poison about. 


So Why is it that the witch is ugly and old

Yet beautiful Snow White is so young... and cold ?

Could it really be she is what we think?

Skin as cool and pale as a marble sink. 


How does she whistle so quiet and sweet 

Maybe it has something to do with her razor sharp teeth. 

Oh who am I kidding I'm being silly 

It's not she goes around sucking blood all Willy nilly. 


They do this every year you know her and the witch. 

But when no princes show and white is in a bind

The witch is the one who gets sucked like a swine. 


But know that you know you can't tell a soul

So it's into the woods you must go

And back to the same old story being told.



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