Your eyes turn into dark pools of anger

Bold black eyes seeping into my soul

Dissatisfied with my answer, no. 

Each time I call out, they get more coarse. 

Your arms cross your chest,

I cross my legs.

You prod at me,

I cover myself up.

Still your eyes stare endlessly at my skin

Coercion at its finest

But you didn’t recognize it

You dragged me to my death 

My dark, dreadful, and damned death

I didn’t kick or scream, I froze.

Every muscle tightened and tried to move,

but the only thing moving was you.

I cried softly, but you didn’t care

The guys watched in amusement, in awe of my flesh

You were so proud of yourself?

I was so ashamed of myself 

Was this my fault? 

I didn’t move or pull away. 

I didn’t say no when you began.

My voice whispers, this is his doing

And he damned me for life

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