Cocktail of a kaleidoscope

S.zaynab.k (ALLITERATION) 

Cows milked: mitigated mooing in the meadows then 

Weaving on the warp, some workaholic women 

 Harvest of hapless halibuts on hooks 

Bookish book-worms buried in books

 A palomino and a pony patter on the paving 

Hucksters and hawkers hawking every housing. 

 Ravers out on the razzle raising a raucous razz-ma-tazz 

Beavers busy building beaver-dams but about it quite blasé.

 Doves cooing in divine chorus 

Frogs frisking out of focus 

Horoscopes are hocus pocus. 

 Tidal waves of tsunami treacherously tread 

Sea-anemones scattered upon the sea-bed. 

 Geraniums genuflecting in jungle-like gardens 

Hunters wary of wandering wild-life wardens. 

 All this may be viewed if one ventures about videotaping 

Nature's much nicer even with less of landscaping 

 These are direly different scenes from different parts of the globe 

Perhaps like a space probe's kaleidoscopic poetic probe

This poem is about: 
Our world



Sweet use of simile. It went well on my tongue.

I am but a stranger to poetry though. I just breathe out every emotion on my mind to calm down (this time being first usually I sing my own songs). A bit of outcast too. But i don't feel alone unless i'm with someone.
If you want to be friends with me, do tell me about you too. For I've had lots of friends that went in and got out of my life. Of whom I forgot.


Thanks for fine comment. I want to be friends with everyone. I Esp like comment exchange wirh fellow poets.

Jan Wienen

Freedom of thought

Jan Wienen

There is always the freedom of thought


Freedom of thought is connected ti poetry right? Warm thanks.


Nicely done, I appreciate the alliterative nature of the poem along with the rhyming scheme used. 


Thanks soo much for the nice comment . Cheers!


I didn't know what to expect after seeing the title, and I really liked this! Your use of alliteration 

is really impressive, and I particularly loved it when you gave the geraniums human actions. Great poem!


Thanks soo much for a nice review. Glad you get the poetics.

Chisanga franklin

Beautiful peice so poetic 

I love it 


Thanks for comment bro!


Lines 14 and 15 are really catchy!


Wandering wildlife wardens!

Great poem overall keep up the good work!


Thanks soo much for the feedback, glad you told what you like better. Cheers!

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