Night out with the lads, drinks free flowing,

Jokes, everyone happy,

Someone pipes up, Let's get a bag,

Some Charlie.


People throw in some cash,

We'll need a quarter to go round, Easily.

Waiting for the dealer to arrive, mood changes in the group,



Sneak to the toilet, cubicle between two,

It's bloody filthy,

Wipe the surface clean, tissues,

'It's clean now, see'.


Roll out a line or two,


Roll a tenner up, line up your nose,

'It's a bit stingy'.


Some chatter lots and lots,

Speaking shit, totally.

Other fight the feeling,

A war, inwardly.


The night is young,

Drink a plenty,

Sniff some more,

This is getting crazy.


Talk to girls, feels good, 

Feel horny,

Thinking about fighting and sex,



The rush, the buzz, is authentic,


Everyone off their tits in here,



Cocaine is rife, life has changed,


Functioning addicts everywhere,

Society will break one day, surely.


The old bill can't control the supply, Many criminals out there,


Staying one step ahead of the game,

Clever boys, Slyly.


Women selling bodies for a bag or two,


Stories I've been told,

It shouldn't be.


Sessions, late stay overs in a flat,

Weekend parties,

Feeling suicidal all week,




Come again,

Feel fresh,

Let's go and party.


The ‘Freedom’ Poet

Great work, you have a really good selection collection of poems. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you very much Sophie.  Writing has really helped me to truly express myself .  Every weekend (only spare time),

I keep on spewing out content . Have you wrote anything out yourself ? 

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