My best friend

Someone I can count on

Who is always there for me in the time of need

You never wish the worse upon me 

Or anyone

Nothing but the absolute best


Your positivity 

Is blinding and

Drives me to reach my highest potential

It is contagious 

Spreads from person to person within seconds, 

Never longer



You say,

As I become cross and tense

Your voice never once rises or strains

All throughout my match

Body language relaxed and confident


Your humor

Another one of your attractive qualities

Capturing every individual's attention 

Eyes and ears focused on you

Awkward and adorned overall

Is how I would describe the many jokes and stories told


Thank you,

For keeping me in check

Of what is important

To stay determined and focused on my goals at hand

For giving me a clear view of life

And just how beautiful it really is

Even within the madness

I look up to your character

Am inspired and forever grateful

That God decided to bring you into my puzzled life


You are not just a coach to me

For how could you mean so much to me,

Push aside the aspects of the sport,

That I see you as family


Thank you,

Once again

For influencing me everyday

To be the best that I can be

I love you ,

Forever and always.


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