Clueless You


You cannot see the beguiling manner of those people

You, an amiable person

Them, a people of many faces

You run past the boisterous crowds

Only aiming to please

Behind the false perfection,

Lies the bestial face of many tricks

You are too blind to see

What is right in front of your very eyes

You're so agile you might not slip, 

Might not trip,

Might not see the warnings ahead

You accept their "truths" with alacrity 

But what honor do they bestow upon you?


Maybe a mere castigation,

That pain that runs through your mind

The tears that run down your face

Shouldn't be meant for you

Your feelings poured out on the stage

A show for all to see

There lies that notebook

Look beyond the plain old papers

All the notes passed

Full of bombast rumors 

About you

The affinity of your friendship is false

They know it

It was all just a joke

Do you?

Of course not

Clueless you.

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