"The Club" Perspective

Thu, 10/08/2015 - 19:34 -- klurrr

There are so many ways to love you.

In your steps, in your smile, in your wave, in your hello,

in moments of shifty eyes and blushing cheeks

in the way you try to wink when you’re playful

in the certain resignation of your sigh

in your simple joy of knowing someone in a room of half-strangers.


There are so many ways to ignore you.

When I realize my heart makes so much noise

that it comes out of my mouth and it’s

mumbling and trying to be coherent

but your eyes are so blue

they’re so blue.


There are so many ways to be hurt by you.

When you leave sooner than I do

and go on to be all you’ve ever dreamed

and I’m here wondering, trying to forget

the careful hold of your embrace

and the moments I almost had you.



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