Clowns and Clouds

Golden boy,

Everything about you is a joke.

But your punchline knocked me down.

I nearly drowned in the light behind your eyes,

I didn't fight it, let you in,

You were never mine.


When I got up, late that night, 

Two black eyes, a broken nose,

Brain filled with prose,

Lines about you, counting


You were never mine.


Golden boy,

You've lost your mind.

Sanity dissolved on your tongue

One night I wasn't there

To keep you safe.

But you were never mine.


Golden boy,

You've gone away. 

They'll never let you out.

I'll always remember, 

I'll never forget that kiss

On my forehead.


Golden boy,

I'll always remember

The way you held me through the haze.

I'll never forget

The way we slept that day.

Before you went away.


But golden boy,

I'm doing fine.

I've found love again,

With little help from you.

Cause you are gone, locked away.

And you were never mine.


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