Close enough

Though different
but still connected
different origin but still got a blood relation
Yeah that's how we met , that's how we are

I was suffocating
my breath in slow lumps
and youbsaw me and pulled me close
yeah close enough, too close enpugh to seek into my eyes
close enough for me to get through the dreary night
close enough, I could saty like that forever

Our breath started to flowing in same flow like that of cold wind
soon they grew into one breath
I closed my eyes to feel the situation
No sooner I closed my eyes you touched my damp lips with yours
making it harder to breath again
but sooner or later with me was tangled
And I dare did not untangle the moment
The love between us
It was meant to be messy
The love between you and me
with fingers crossed and interlocked
The love between us
Close enough
Love just close enough

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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