Thu, 10/02/2014 - 09:57 -- jmarr13

Awkwardly fitting into the other gears

Grinding closely hiding my fears

Tic-Toc, the other gears keep me moving

My time spent is my only doing


Every second spent stranded on a island never to return,

the seconds I can’t get back, the memories I can’t burn.

Stranded alongside them wishing to embark and set sail,

it gets harder to focus when your mind’s de railed


 Hopelessly stagnant without a voice to yelp

My souls a cast away looking for help

There’s clouds above waiting to rain,

lightning and thunder erupting in my brain


The ghost of memories passed,

mute to the questions I’ve asked

The scents, the sights, the pain, the feelings,

 returning through the weathered screening


I’m calling to my soul as it calls for me

Attempting to reunite relentlessly

Proximity, without a real connection

Haunting me in my own reflection


Tic-Toc the gears continue to grind,

Another second corrodes my mind

Time is eating me from the inside out

producing resentment and casting doubt


I wish all the gears would simply stop,

So I could dispose of all my thoughts

But the other gears continue moving

becuase my time is my only doing



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