Clocks In My Heart

Paint and symphonies

Never battling

We already know who’s winning

I shouldn't put one against the other

But my emotions are flying


There’s an abnormal beauty about knowing what you can’t have

Whether it’s a boy, girl, or someone's dad

Sometimes I feel like the ocean

And he is the moon

But gravity cannot pull us together so soon


Love is violent

I say what I feel is like a puppy

Excited but trembling

True love is violent

And I can’t be quiet


I prefer to watch from afar

To see if I can comprehend better

I contemplate this over and over again

But I’ll never write the letter


Not bold enough to let an alien know

What I’ll never show

Too much pride to write a song

And open up the windows


I think about space every day

And how he’s there, on his planet

I think myself pathetic, and I can't stand it

The Time Traveler has become to much of a habit


But I don’t regret it

Even though it’s elaborate

To love from afar

I have no idea what has me attracted


Is it the mystery?

The side profile?

The skin and his nose?

His heart and his smile.




This poem is about: 
My community


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