cling to the memory of what you need



there is a ladder reaching


fingers brush bottom rung

cling and sting barren


five more steps.


electronic fuzz covers all


no comfort in motherly tones

or a silly compliment

a moment gone

this moment of memory

is the moment’s memory

of the next moment’s

four more steps.


sinewy split fingertips ache.

take a breath and look

radiance of golden hair

brine and salt on eager lips.

three more steps.


breathe and remember.

slow burn of ligaments stretched too far.

creases and canyons of worry etched in

centimeters between my brow.

a consideration of slipping fingers.

joints loosen

a grey scent covers my mouth

i am drawn back again

fingers clenched.


two more steps.


believe and remember.

hairpins pressed against my scalp

heat’s fingers stroke my forehead

flushed and filled with relief.

please remember why.

the memories are there

tucked behind swinging doors

inside a teddy bear you once adored.

ballooning up inside you, reach

reach an inch further.

you have come too far to fall.


reach further.


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