It's as if I'm climbing a mountain..
And I'm wearing a backpack..
And my pack is full of bricks..
I can carry it,
It's heavy, but I'm strong..
Don't get me wrong,
I fell to my knees when the last load was piled on top,
I did crawl for awhile as i hiked up..
But, eventually, I was strong enough to stand..
And eventually, I was able to keep walking the mountain.
A little while ago,
I was warned of another few bricks coming to me for carrying.
At first, I thought,
"Damn.. will I be able to carry all that?"
I honestly didn't know, but I made up my mind that I would put in my heart and soul. .
Only to find that a larger pile would be dropped on my shoulders. .
Everything I trust is telling me I will go tumbling back down..
Why should I keep the faith if everything will fall apart later?
Am I just that stupid?
Should I really try?
I was so set on putting in my all..
But what if i put in my all to carry it and someone comes along and kicks me down?


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