"Don't worry, it'll be fine."
"I'm sure everything will be okay."
"Aw, I'm sorry! I'll give you a hug!"

Generic. Simple. Trite.

When the writer strives to be original in all things, 
When the writer needs to be comforting
(Perhaps to impress that special someone )
And all that comes to mind is
Hackneyed. Cliché. Stock phrases.

A writer's worst nightmare
To struggle for reassurance 
(perhaps in a way that shows off that charming wit?)
And provide only…these.
Ineffectual. Inconsiderate. 
How frustrating, when it is the writer's goal to appear beautiful, unique
How frustrating, when the writer appears to be a buffoon.

These are our pet peeves. What makes us tick- 
There I go again.
And the best part- the horrible, inescapable irony? 
She will read this, I'm sure.
I know what she will say:
"Aw! You don't have to be original! It's enough that you care!" 
Yup. Appreciated.
But filled with more clichés. 
Still, clichés aren't meaningless
(After all, what is more cliché than those three little words)


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