I have nothing to say that has not already been said.
This exact sentence in this exact way has already been formed.
I cannot be clever the way you ask me to because clever is a cliché.
Clever shadows cutthroat.

It is merely a spoonful of sugar
To help you swallow your discomforts.
The words I spit are too sharp for such a soft appetite.
I could pop your inflated ego with one prick
Of my sharp penciled words
And all you could tell me is "I wish you were clever."
I wish you were clever.
Clever enough to communicate your questions, comments, and concerns
With the ambition of a baby ostrich trying to fly.
No, bury your head in the sand
While I address the real problems you are too ignorant
To find over the dirt.
Be clever?
I am clever.
You are just not brave enough to see it.

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