My fingers still smell like ammonia,
Trying to rid the feel of you on them.
You made me feel so unclean,
So now, I'm scrubbing away fallacy,
Dusting away cobwebs and sweeping the dirt from the floor,
You left me in disarray; filth and grime,
Scrubbing until the palms of my hands bleed,
With bleach and ammonia running through me;
A horrid combination to breathe in.
Hot water stains the walls of my heart,
Re-paint the interior, and decorate with remaining pain.
I'll show you a house is not a a home,
And a home is not sane when the air you take in
Is laced with mustard gas (deep breaths),
Inhale and exhale, begin to feel weak,
Collapse in the halls I'm forgetting everything...

My fingers still smell like ammonia,
Clogging my nostrils with bitter smells:
I am clean, cleansed; pure, perfect; clear.


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