the Clay of the ground

I gave you a rose, sent you a carnation,

Waited for you to step up.

And all you did was go about, day by day, ignoring me.

Making me invisible, biding your time.

Testing came along and I got a simple chat.

I was spent

Sold some burritos to you, played volleyball.

But all disappeared. Vanished when the tests ended

I went back to being invisible.

Pushed around.


Left Out.


All because I found you slightly attractive.

I am the nerd.

The quiet girl, that when an opinion is stated, is scrutinized.

I made my point and you found me intimidating.

Weird. Cruel yet Kind.

Scared to talk?

Scared to be a leader and not a follower?

You repugnant fool.

I proved my point at Prom.

You chose the prettiest girl, not the one with the best smile,

The best dress, or the sweetest demeanor.

You are a PIG.

You went for looks and not the personality.

Yeah I heard that comment about me. I felt the sting.

I hope you’re happy.

I’m the one who’ll be remembered for her opinions.

Not the popularity.


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