"ClassMate"  As I sit in class. I think about him. Man I got it bad but is this feeling love? Maybe I need to chill out and take a break but wait. It feels so good. But why must it feel so good? A part of me wants him to stay, the other half wants him to leave. Why did I come across such an interesting creature? Why am I so smitten with him? Can I let go before it consumes all over me?! Or is too late and this passionate individual has a tight hold of me?! Oh God I am afraid to fall. Afraid he might be what I want after all. I am dying deeply inside. Wanting him, needing him by my side. Is this a dream or reality? Or has lust and temptation got the best of me? Someone please give me a sign. Before Cupid puts away the arrow and shoots the bullet thru my mind. Can't say I am in love. I refuse to say. But then again it might not be a coincidence on why he came my way. But I mustn't be fooled by the good looks, beautiful smile, charming personality and the fact that he doesn't play the game. Cause this man I want to call lover, that I am so connected with and intimate with ...doesn't even know my I sit back in the cut and patiently wait ..just to receive that warm gesture from my fellow classmate❤️

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