"Circus of Love"


Come One! Come All! 
There's much to see. 
Leave behind your reality! 

See the acts! See the shows! Experience emotions nobody else knows.

Come in! Sit down! Get your mind ready. 
This performance is a roller-coaster, it never stays steady. 

Look here, look there, look all around! 
The answers to your questions will soon be found! 

Hold onto your hearts! This could be shocking...
I welcome you all to the circus of love! 

Pay close attention... the shows about to start... 
Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare your hearts! 

The first act up to bat is the clown! 
With this performance, you'll never frown. 

Next up is the acrobats.
Watch the fluidity of their motions! 
They, for sure, will mix up your emotions. 

Now for the lion tamer, he'll take the lion to the floor.
He'll always leave you wanting more...

Isn't the show lovely so far? 
Oh, no need to worry...
 It's not over yet. 

Last but not least, it's the ring master himself! 
He'll wipe all of your memories right off of the shelf.

Watch his act as it's at its start.
Watch as he twist and plays with your heart... 

Soon, he will stop as he starts to grow bored. 
Then he'll leave your heart on the cold, hard floor... 

This emotion is not exactly "sent from above". 
But thank you all, for attending the circus of love! 


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