Cause I say so 

Your living because of my say so 

Your here because I say so

Without me you'll be nothing 

Cause this is my circus 

My rules 

My expectaions 

So dance monkey dance 

I'll loosen your strings

But just know that's because of my say so 

Just as fast as I unloosened them I can tighten them 

Just as I brought you here I can take you back out because of my say so

Your useless thoughts mean nothing to me 

I could'nt care less about your insecurities 

You think you can put fear into my heart 

HA! I laugh 

Cause you are only but my monkey and in the end do what I say so





Cause I say so 

You might hate me 

You might resent me 

You might also want to run in fear to 

but just remember this is my cricus 

And you still have to do as I say so

Need money

Need food 

Need shelter 

How can you be silly and forget that's cause of my say so


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