Christmastime -- Something to Celebrate by Alex and Eva Peck

Every Christmas, I see a great deal of goodwill and cheer.

I love the warmth and giving, from both afar and near.


In World War I, at Christmas, soldiers stopped fighting each other,

And for a little celebration and football game did they briefly gather.


Doesn’t this show, that within our hearts lies a basic goodness?

Expressed in acts of gentleness, tenderness, and kindness.


This goodness may be obscured, as with clouds of darkness;

Often we only see, and focus on, each other’s badness.


In the stiller times of this season, may we take a moment

To recognize the basic goodness in us, our endowment!


This goodness expresses itself in the desire to be happy;

The longing not to suffer that makes us so unhappy.


This innate goodness is shared by every human being;

From it springs the love and compassion that at Christmas we are seeing!


To discover this goodness within is a key to life’s fulfilment;

It’s indeed an insight and understanding that is very potent.


It avoids the needless torment of seeing another as the opponent;

Instead, we’ll see a oneness, with all humans an at-one-ment!


As we deeply ponder this truth, we touch on one of life’s mysteries;

In all the stresses of life, this is something that not everybody sees.


So, as we enjoy the friendly attitudes at this time of year;

Isn’t a basic, universal goodness displayed before us here?


To me, the smiles, sharing with the needy, the love at Christmas,

Shows the good heart within us – oh, let me not dismiss this!


May you have the best Christmas you’ve ever had with friends and kin;

And, where you, too, may discover the treasure buried within!


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