Christmas Tree


United States
34° 29' 30.7104" N, 92° 36' 32.4144" W

The Christmas Tree
In the middle of the forest stood the prize
Tall and proud it endured, the superior one
It remained the unspoiled tree for all their eyes
Year by year the treasure grew and was surpassed by none

People came and took other trees but the great one abided there
Some were tall, some were short, and others were full or lean
Yet the flawless tree dwelled amongst its fellow heirs
Waiting patiently for the perfect time to leave the forest green

Its owners vowed the untouched tree would never depart
Always there, a symbol of their never ending labor
Decorated with lights its joyful glow filled their heart
And looked upon with envy by each neighbor

Yet there came a poor, needy little child who loved the tree
And the wise owner seeing the need, with sorrow could only agree


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