Christmas Crook

Last Christmas Eve, I met a man who was homelessm he was all alone.
I made a serious mistake when I decided to let him stay in my home.
My family and I woke up on Christmas morning and we were sad.
We started crying because that man stole every present we had.
We woke up to a tree with no presents under it.
We were very angry and I damn nearly threw a fit.
I called the police and two days later, the thief was caught.
That crook begged me to drop the charges but I would not.
After he stole our presents, he sold them and bought a lot of booze.
My family cheered when he went to jail because it was excellent news.
I tried to help my fellow man and you see what was done to me.
Our Christmas was ruined but when he went to jail, we felt glee.


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