Chopin's Nocturne in C Sharp Minor

Tattered and torn clothes

Weighted gait and pale face.

The man makes his way

to the piano, as if to play.

Months of silence.

All the time in hiding.

He slowly lifts his fingers

And hovers above the keys.


How does music sound

after silence surrounds?


A sudden figure of the enemy

releases a pang of fear.

He said he wants to hear.

He said he wants to hear.

Here holds an opportunity

to have a song safe a life

after an era of strife.


How will this music sound

after lifesaving silence surrounds?


All the words he wished to say

spoke in the notes he began to play.

As if Chopin knew of his endeavors

while writing Nocturne in C-Sharp minor.

The sound of his pain resonated in the space

with the man, he’s assumed to hate.

However, the enemy nods his head

and tosses him a loaf of bread.

His silence begins to say more

than words could.

He then gifts him his army coat.

He set him free.

He set him free.


How can music sound

when life altering silence surrounds?


This poem is about: 
Our world



"How can music sound

when life altering silence surrounds?" 


What a great question to ask. Very provocative. 

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