Reaching like a rubber band,
My hand snaps to my waist.
I close my eyes, turning around;
Refusing time to waste.


With sweet intimate smiling eyes 
Listening, leaning near
Your mouth then opens and exhales
Words I long to hear


Long and noisy breaths I take,
I wait for your return
Of trust or some imparting sound.
Oh how I hope to learn. 


What can I do when one I love
Dissipates in pain?
To Distant sidelines I am locked,
And mangled by a chain.


I come within a touch of hand,
I graze the warmth of truth.
Why don't you see I understand?
Or give an eye for tooth?


Crushed and ruined is my soul
To let you rip your own.
Anticipating, silently,
frozen footprints in the stone.


Keeping to my own, alone,
I never yearned to care,
For all it takes my face to light
Is your knowing that I'm there.


If you hurt yourself, as I,
If you maim while standing tall,
The breeze may shake your troubled mind
But I will take the fall.


I'm here for you to vent, to mutter
Your cares and worries away.
A lending ear is least I'll give
For pain, you long have stayed. 


How far you run or shut me out,
I'll hold my promise still, 
"To always love and never leave"
I wish that you, too, will.


Wonder, worry, overthink-
Three things that we do best.
Just know I'm here, I won't desert,
For you decide the rest. 


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