Under a sky,

Of burning stars.

The moon sheepishly,

Giving way to the Sun,

As time races away.

It was dawn.

Waking up,

Not something I want to.

But something I had to.

Short hours of sleep,

And longer hours of studies.

Working in silence,

Also wanting ,

My success to scream loud enough.

That was my little dream.

It was full of stress.

When I won’t rest,

All in the name of being the best.

Waking up early.

Not because I wanted to do,

But something I had to.

Job requirement,

I was a student.

Always learning,

To increase my earning,

In the nearby future.

But wait,

Is this the true meaning of Excellence,

Or an excess flow of over ambitions?

I made it.

Going to college,

Acquiring some knowledge,

And being acknowledged by society?


Chance or Choice?

Instead of specialization,

I chose generalization.

Wanting to be like everyone else,

Not knowing,

What to do next.

Like an eagle in the nest,

I was meant to soar higher.

And this,

Is the Spirit of Excellence.

Don’t let your mind wander too far away.

It’s like you can’t think far,



I leave you to your thoughts.

At a tender age,

I let go of my heritage.

I won’t blame my ego,

But I thought excellence only lies overseas.

And so as far as I can see,

Nicki Minaj & Beyonce,

When appreciated even in our Motherland,

More than,

Sarkodie and Nasty C.

Not to talk of

 Joe Mettle and Nacee.

But I now see,

That true excellence,

Is being the best version of yourself,

Not being the best among the rest.

I remember that day,

As if it was yesterday.

First time in school.

I remember how they say,


Is the key to success.

But what is essence of a key,

When you don’t find the right door?

This door is Excellence.

At last,

My eyes opened to reality.

I’ve come to see,

That the essence of our society,

Comes from our creativity,

And not so much

On our daily activities.

Don’t get me wrong.

But what is your essence,

When you stand in a queue,

Just like everyone else?

When you don’t stand out.


This is what makes you unique.

And so,

If I may ask you today.

Why why why?

Come out of your comfort zone.

You may think you are,

 But you are not alone.

So strive,

To make this life,

A symbol of Excellence,

Carved from the spirit of excellence.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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