A Child, A Villain


Just a body, just a soul

Trying to survive.

Just a figure who was made

To take part in the circle of life.

I was made out to be a hero,

But the odds were against me.

In the end, I am a villain.

I am a villain who is not understood.

I am a villain who will never become a hero.

But what if they realize that I have a voice?

If only I am loud enough,

If only I am brave.

If only I can say the words that can seal my fate.

But what if is not me?

What if instead of me, it is them who does not notice?

That I could acheive it all and take over.

I just need to take one step at a time.

I will crawl until I can walk.

I will walk until I can run.

And when I can run, I will run the world.

But that is not possible, for I am just a child.

A child who is not loud enough,

A child who is not brave.

A child who will never say the words to seal her fate.

A child who is misunderstood,

Who was made out to be a hero,

A hero who in the end turned out to be a villain.



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