A Child of God's Fingerprints


I will always be a child

I tend to run into people from walking too long in my daydreams

I chase the bird that doesn’t want to be caught

I love the boy who always seems too far away, or too busy to talk

I am the bird that wishes to be chased, pursued, and longed for

Yet, I fly out of reach

But I Dream of the day I’ll be caught

I fly out of reach, through clouds of high standards

And it hurts… because I’ve always had a heart three sizes too big, and like clothes, it’s hard to find the right fit

Truth is….

I Live to Love and I would Die to give it

When I love I love Hard…. And it’s hard

How do you share a love that’s too much even for you to hold?

I have so much to give, and receive little to nothing in return

I will always be a child

With eyes and hands open to receive all that the Lord gives me, only to give it all back in better condition than when it was given

And if you look closely, you’d see that my small hands tremble from all that they’ve carried

Like a child, I’m open to love any gift I receive, even if it is prone to hurt me

My hands tremble but I refuse to cage them in my pockets

Like a child… I love the way I try to do everything else… Fearless

I am God’s fingerprints, His instrument of love

I may love too hard, too much, too deep…. Too sincere for the hearts today’s world has molded

But I will Never Stop, because when God made me, He Handed me my heart, Covered in his fingerprints and said nothing more than

“Use it well.””

So I live a life that says, “I will.”

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