Child of Emotion

Fear's child.   you only know the terrifying gripping fear

Pain's child.   the deep and winding scars are your identity 

Hate's child.  the red hot anger is what makes you feel complete 

Death's child.  all alone you never actually got to live

Torture's child.  they not only broke your body, but also your mind

Gang's child.  the only thing you ever knew was guns and blood

Curse's child.  everything around you slowly dies

Agony's child.  you grew so used to it's presense that it became you

Abandond's child.  left alone with your thoughts of not being good enough

      but you were, you were always good enough, strong enough. and what you went through proves that.

Peace's child.  what became the child of pain, this is you now

Courage's child.  the grip let you go, and now you can fly again 

Love's child.  loves child you became when your hate slipped away

Life's child.  you now know the beauty of life,and live it every day

Freedom's child.  your mind and body healed over time

Unity's child.  now through time you love and trust

Strength's child.  Everything around you now has life

Serenity's child. you grew up with agony but you still fought it

Hope's child.  left alone,but was found again. now you truely understand 

       these are what we are , what we become and what we could be but now i tell you

I am God's child. raised from where i was we are now God's children. As was always what we were meant to be. He was God's child and the Devil could not break Him, could not tempt Him.and through Him we became God's children, though we may have known hate,pain,cures,death,fear we now know hope, happiness, strength,unity, through Him we become Warriors, Warriors of light



This poem is about: 
Our world



please keep in mind that most of these were written by a twelve year old me, who misspelled things more often then got them right.

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