The child of the Asian civil wars

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 01:25 -- tiff00


My Father survived the war of Laos,
He was just a young boy then.
He talks about his early life,
Using a slingshot to take out game and mice.
He would tell stories of when the soldiers arrived,
And how afraid he was
When a full boat sank, he swore he almost died.

My mother survived the war of Thailand,
In a camp, she made it through.
But the many friends that she made, survival wasn’t true.
At her young ages, she saw her family fall,
And her oldest sister walk away
to get food, clothes and a pay for them all.

In history class, the Vietnam war
is just a boring story
Under the even more boring Cold war category,
History is not read with emotion,
Nor with the heart.
Instead it's read as a lullaby
So today, we would not part.

A powerful kingdom, no one knows
In 1947, It had to go.
The ottoman empire, once so strong,
fell apart and because of choices so wrong
World war I, our so called 1st  biggest fight,
protecting their families, 65,000,000 did not flight
Russian revolution, the hard, bitter cold,
Swept so many lives, starving, tired and old.
The Japanese had their land overrun,
But that made them powerful under the rising sun.
In 1812, the United States were enraged from their loss,
But hey! The "laid-back" Canadians showed them who’s boss.
Successful Africa, Nzinga the queen, 
Was taken down for the sake of colonies
In the 16th century Spain conquered the Latin countries,
The Spanish kings with new lands were ¡muy feliz!
China, one of the world’s oldest empires,
Is dyed red with metal, blood, and fires.
Rome, the most powerful and vast empire known,
was not spared by the plague or its horrors that was shown.
The kingdom of Egypt, always had to watch their back
Because everyone was out to make it snap. 

History is boring, that’s what you said,
After having to read about 110 billion people dead.
Do the math, divide by 3,
You should get
333,333,333 men dead
333,333,333 women dead
And 333,333,333 children dead.
They’re all gone you see.
But oh, we all know,
There's so many more.
The uncounted who died alone, weak, and poor.
There is so much more than 110 billion dead.

It’s no longer possible to count anymore.
Whenever someone asks, our answer is sadly said…

History is in the past,
And yet it never ends.
History is now,
How you live it, it depends…

Of course, I wouldn't know. Ha...
After all, my parents only survived the war in Asia.


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