There's nothing more beautiful than the curiosity in a child's eyes, 

the way they glisten and light up inside, 

like the evergreen trees lit up by the warm morning sunrise, 

or the toss of a wave drifting on slowly by.

There's nothing more beautiful than discovering life, 

may it be who you are or the living sacrifice; 

who was and is and is to come, 

I can't wait until the day when He tells me well done. 

When I was young I never understood what life really meant.

I spent years of it, sulking in my own regrets, 

why didn't I show up to that place you invited me to,

or why I never even felt the love I deserved to.

I paced for years down the same narrow road

It was time for a change in this life I call my own. 

I found a man who gave me everything I ever asked, 

who forgave me,

my ways, now a decision of the past who is present in my own mind,

why can't I forget it? 

I ask again and again, now I'm repentin'

My life turned around from that struggle inside. 

Into something beautiful once again like that morning sunrise. 

But nothing's more beautiful than a king who is our prize

To reach eternity's shore, for the rest of our lives.

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