Chicken Grease

The rain, the thunder
the dirt and grass beneath my feet

The swoosh of my hand as I shoo
the fly that interrupts me as I
lick the barbecue sauce off my fingers
on that sunny Fourth of July

The loud chuckles in the living room
as momma and daddy lay up together
while speaking about their long day

The walking to my bed at night
kicking off my house shoes and
cannon-balling into the sheets

The Sunday dinner after church and
laughing at Grandma's jokes

The late night phone call from my crush and
whispering into the phone so momma won't hear

The hot summer day sitting on the porch
eating a Popsicle as the Popsicle juices melt down my hand

The green leaves on the big tree in the yard
turning from green, to yellow, then red and
falling as we expect new beginnings

Christmas morning yelling
"It's Christmas"!!!! and
running down the steps to see that
Santa came cause the cookies are gone and
it is Toys R Us under the tree

The fresh chicken grease on the stove and
hot sauce on the table cause chicken is for dinner, again

The smile on my momma's face when I won the oratorical competition

And the day I'll stand before God and say
"Your work in me is completed"

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