...The Chemistry of Love

…Because I love you

I acknowledge that our bond is like a phenomenon of chemical substances

that are held together by attraction

Its not just a sexual attraction, its an attraction that creates an instantaneous surge of emotion

from your lips, to your eyes, to your toes

to your voice, to your touch, to your pose

to your intellect, to your ambition, to your strolls

…it is everything I love. The cons and the pros 

Were sort of like an equation where two plus two equals four, and it’s just that simple

we don’t know why we go so well together, neither does anyone else

but it’s just that.

Our flow is like a Run DMC rhyme in the 80’s. 

We move at lightning speed when it’s just you and I.

…you are my balance

and because of this I love you.


…Because I love you 

I accept all of you.

Your wins are my wins, your losses are my losses too.

I feel what you feel and I take my time to learn and understand you.


…Because I love you

I don’t argue, I listen

I listen to understand not to reply


…Because I love you

I pray for your dreams

everytime the clock hits 11:11 at night


…Because I love you

I accept your flaws. 


…Because I love you

…I can write a billion rhymes, but that’s only 

because I truly love you. 

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