Chasing The Moon

You can sway me either way,

If it's going places or if we stay


In murky waters and unsure touches

I can't stay this way, I need an answer

I'm sorry I can't ask the right 


Ot make moves much more than subtle

But suddenly, you're drifting

And I can't make you stay, I know

I've been dormant

And I've been more than just friends

I can't say I'm too satisfied with what

we tried

But can we try, to be real, and to tell

the truth

The truth is I don't like wasting my 


When he is right there in front of me,

just out of reach

Because you hold me, not tight

enough but just enough to where I

can't escape you, your enigmatic


Matching mine, now I know how they all feel

I don't know why

I can't describe, the way I feel,

because how i feel is so unreal

And I just can't deal

Are you for real?

Can we make it through this ordeal?

Or should I not even bother it, we're 

stuck in an endless cycle

I'm so over this

Why can't you decide

Why do you act so mysterious, it's

not cute,

But it keeps me curious

Put me on mute, if I can't seem to

close my mouth

Focusing on your mouth,

remembering the way I thought you


It's not that crazy, the way it's been


I'm probably just too low, and too

slow to think of something else

There's someone else 

But I don't think I've lost too much,

after losing so much

You're not that tough

And I am growing older, knowing

more, I'm better

And he is not that far away, If I could

maybe stray

All I need is one day

To generate some thought into

something else

I want something else

You wont make it far with those 


Just give me the slip, what are you

waiting for?

I've got so much more to look

forward to

Do you know, do you know what you

are doing?

Are you aware of this, no closure, too 

much exposure

Wish you would stop hoping for

something more

When you give so less to me, and

who is he, to make you believe it

could be

Something else?

It's just redundant and you're just as

good as me, I think it's just that way,

When I have so much to say, and you

won't stay

I'm someone else now, and I can't

keep chasing my own tail now,

You've left me on repeat, oh how I can't

sleep, I lie awake

Whishing for something else to make

me certain, that I'm not making a fool

of myself

I'm not a man I'm something else, I 

wish I could be someone else

With someone else.


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